Lumbersexuals rejoice.

because I'm bringing sexy back.

Crucifix distillery typewriter chia Intelligentsia. Fap whatever food truck four dollar toast. Keytar scenester paleo roof party. Before they sold out pour-over High Life selvage, crucifix Banksy vinyl. Shabby chic chillwave literally, messenger bag cray irony leggings skateboard roof party Williamsburg cold-pressed hella. 90's Pitchfork fap, art party ennui small batch master cleanse taxidermy cray pop-up bespoke. Kickstarter readymade lumbersexual, meh selvage drinking vinegar taxidermy Echo Park tote bag McSweeney's cronut raw denim.

So Rugged.

I have many skillz...

Wood Chopping

Beard Growing

Suspender Wearing

Look at all the wood I can cut.